Be Awarded For Being Awesome!

Jessica Hische is just about the most amazingly awesome person ever. She is a fantastically talented letterer and illustrator who, for any striving creative, is just beyond inspirational. Have a look at some of her work here. She was also recently a guest speaker at this year’s Design Indaba in Cape Town.

Well, in keeping with her fun-loving spirit, she has created a website for creatives to award themselves for their awesomeness! How terrific!

She explains:

Are you a creative person that constantly submits to competitions but never gets in? Are you over 30 and bummed that you missed your chance to be a 20 under 30? or a 30 under 40? or some other random number under some other random number? Well here’s an award for you. If you think you deserve an award, fill in your name and your job title and you’ll be given an award. Then you can put “award winning designer” or whatever on your resumé.

Being awarded just because you are awesome? Yes please!

Awesome Certificate

Here is my super special award. Click here to make your own!

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