A – Z Of Unusual Words

I just love this! Have a look at this wonderful project from Ireland based illustration duo The Project Twins. They have illustrated a list, from A to Z, of unusual words such as enantiodromia, montivagant and recumbentibus! The full collection was exhibited at the MadArt Gallery Dublin during DesignWeek 2011. I love the minimalist style of their work and have promised myself that I will attempt to one day use at least one of these words in a sentence. These are some of my favourites, but have a look at... Read The Rest →

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg’s Beautiful Cinemagraphs

These animated GIFs are beyond amazing. New York based visual graphic artist Kevin Burg and photographer Jamie Beck have created these beautiful and haunting images that I feel I could just look at forever. They called them Cinemagraphs and describe them as, “an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly.” To see more of these little moments, head over to their website Cinemagraphs.com Share → Tweet

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