#005 | 100 Poster Project

We recently came back from an amazingly lovely holiday with family and it reminded me of this Afrikaans idiom: “hond uit ‘n bos gesels”. Which is exactly what we did! It means that special kind of chatting about nothing in particular, that you can do for hours and hours, usually (and especially in our case) with some terrific food. Literally translated it means “talking a dog out of a bush” (heaven only knows how that is related), but it is definitely one of those great expressions that can never be... Read The Rest →

#004 | 100 Poster Project

“Die son trek water” (the sun draws water) means that it’s getting late. I’m not sure where it comes from, but I must say I like it. I’m not sure why. This isn’t the kind of thing you say when you’ve spent 12 hours at work, it’s already dark and you have to sit in traffic, itching to get home. It’s more like when, at the end of a long, wonderful day in the bush and you can sit and savour every minute of the sunset. More to follow soon!... Read The Rest →

#002 | 100 Poster Project

The second poster in this mad project of mine. But I am starting to enjoy it more and more. This Afrikaans idiom “My hande is afgekap” ¬†directly translated means that your hands are chopped off…gulp. But the less grizzly meaning is that you are powerless. More to follow! Share → Tweet

The 100 Poster Project

One day I casually decided that I’ll turn 100 idioms into poster designs. You know, as one does. (Admittedly it did sound much easier in theory than it is in practice) But then I stumbled on an awesome project where designer Nicole Meyer is Branding 10,000 Lakes. Talk about daunting. She writes that by doing one logo every day, it should only take, oh roughly 27 years! I love the clean and contemporary style of her work and am truly in awe of this kind of ambitious undertaking. Luckily this... Read The Rest →

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