Fracking – A Visual Explanation

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Much has been said about the issue of fracking, both on an international scale and closer to home in South Africa, specifically the Karoo. Government has decided to lift the moratorium against exploring shale gas reserves in the Karoo and will be conducting exploratory drilling. (Read more here.) Regarding the benefits and dangers of fracking, after much debate between government and concerned environmentalist, the jury is still out. Many believe that will soaring oil prices it necessary to seek viable alternatives, and consider fracking an effective solution that will also provide large scale employment opportunities and stimulate foreign investment.

However, on the other end of the spectrum the facts against fracking and its dangers are very concerning. Fracking includes hazards such as the use of toxic chemicals, water and soil contamination, air quality and waste disposal. (Read more about the facts here.) One of the reason I am such a design geek and enthusiast is the ability (and I feel the responsibility) that designers have in framing debates such as these in a visual way. Linda Dong is such a Information Designer.

She is a a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon where she studied Industrial Design. Dong has a passion for science, and believes that “…mixing up disciplines and exploring unknown territory is where great design comes from.” She has created this wonderful visual explanation of the dangers of fracking. Click here to see more of her work.

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To find out more about fracking in the Karoo visit the Treasure the Karoo Action Group here.


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