Kelsey Garrity-Riley – Whimsical Watercolours

If there is anything I love more than Downton Abbey, it is beautifully faded watercolour illustrations.

Which is why, when I saw the work of artist Kelsey Garrity-Riley, I immediately fell in love!

I love everything about this old-style portrait of the regal Lady Mary Crawley.

Downton Abbey

This wonderful illustration has recently been turned into a lovely scarf in collaboration with Fancy French Cologne, available for sale here. (One for the Christmas wishlist!) Read a short interview with the artist on her work on their website.

To view more of Kelsey Garrity-Riley’s work visit her website or have a look at some of her latest work on her blog.

She also contributes to an illustration blog called Meatloaf Mondays.

Here are some of my favourites!

Kelsey Garrity Riley Bathing Beauties

Kelsey Garrity Riley Zodiac Dance Party

Kelsey Garrity Riley Fashion 01

Kelsey Garrity Riley Fashion 02

Kelsey Garrity Riley Fathersday


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