Lauren Hom – Daily Dishonesty

These little gems of truth from graphic designer and illustrator Lauren Hom, entitled Daily Dishonesty, will brighten up anyone’s day. The small untruths we all say from time to time, but if we’re honest most of us say all the time.

Born in Southern California, Hom now lives in New York City, pursuing a degree in advertising and graphic design from the School of Visual Arts.

I love her wonderfully illustrated style as well as her playful use of colour. Beautiful hand-lettered honesty at its best! Have a look at the full list at and at some more of Lauren Hom’s work here.

Lauren Hom 01

Lauren Hom 02

Lauren Hom 03

Lauren Hom 04

Lauren Hom 05

Lauren Hom 06

Lauren Hom 07

Lauren Hom 08

Lauren Hom 09

Lauren Hom 10

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