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Thoka Maer’s Charming Animations

How great are these illustrated animations by Thoka Maer. She is a freelance illustrator and animator, who studied Visual Communication at the University of the Arts in Berlin. These animations are from her series called it’s no biggie, a satirical look at... Read The Rest →

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Be Awarded For Being Awesome!

Jessica Hische is just about the most amazingly awesome person ever. She is a fantastically talented letterer and illustrator who, for any striving creative, is just beyond inspirational. Have a look at some of her work here. She was also recently... Read The Rest →

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Lauren Hom – Daily Dishonesty

These little gems of truth from graphic designer and illustrator Lauren Hom, entitled Daily Dishonesty, will brighten up anyone’s day. The small untruths we all say from time to time, but if we’re honest most of us say all the time.... Read The Rest →

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#005 | 100 Poster Project

We recently came back from an amazingly lovely holiday with family and it reminded me of this Afrikaans idiom: “hond uit ‘n bos gesels”. Which is exactly what we did! It means that special kind of chatting about nothing in particular,... Read The Rest →