About me

Just say yes!

Saying “yes!” is a bit of a motto around here. “Yes” to new opportunities and challenges, “yes” to new collaborations and working with amazing people. But most importantly, saying “hell yes!” to stepping out of my comfort zone.

After many years of corporate gigs and agency life, saying yes to starting my own business and choosing the work I feel connected to, was the best decision I ever made.

I am an Information Designer at heart, but have grown over the last few years into a brand strategist, social media evangelist and educator.

The best time I have on the job is helping businesses to better visualise their offering and connect them with the right people on the right platforms. You are the expert in how your business works, my expertise lies in building your brand and connecting you to your audience.



Every business and project is unique. My goal is to work with business owners to better understand their design needs, identify new opportunities and create actionable strategies to help their brand babies grow!

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Saying yes is a bit of a motto around here. Yes to new projects, challenges and ideas.

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